Matthew Lee Smith – Grapevine,
Matt was 10 lbs 7 ounces when he was born, my third child, first boy. He was a big boy. Beautiful boy, handsome man.
When he was 16 he started smoking marijuana. He said that’s all he would do.
He gor his GED after dropping out of high schiool. He went out and sold cologne. He is a really good salesman. He was a junior black belt in karate.
He studied Cisco systems and got his first level certificate. He wanted to go back to school but was taking opiates and other drugs. He got in trouble, was on probation, took methadone, but also found him doing other drugs, his choice heroin.
Got in more trouble, and is in jail waiting to be told what is next for him.
He’s sober. He likes to draw and is so good at it. He’s been drawing in jail a lot.
Matt has lots of friends and has done lots of things but not that we knew of. He wasn’t hiding anything from us, he was just keeping away from questions, things go better when you don’t have to answer a lot of questions–especially from parents. He knows we mean well. His future is bright if he holds together, and doesn’t look back Of hold back. We look forward to seeing him out and around real soon.