My name is Jeremy Gallant. I am looking to find someone special from within this small and filthy cage in which I reside. It is such a destructive environment and negative atmosphere, so I am hoping to connect with someone to build a strong and positive relationship, whether as friends or beyond. Every day I awake is yet another challenge, as I am currently housed in solitary confinement for 23 hours a day. I put fourth every ounce of energy in remaining positive back here in the dungeons applying myself to productive tasks, such as studying and reading. But my passions lay within creative writing and poetry. Despite the unfortunate circumstances of my current confinement, I still emerge each day and face any and all difficulties as they present themselves trying to better myself along the way. I would love to share my journey with anyone, offering true dedication and sincere loyalty. All you have to do is write to open up communication! Just give it a shot, all you have to lose is a stamp. I look forward and appreciate any letters I may receive. Jeremy Gallant #A624-283 Toledo CI PO Box 80033 Toledo, OH 43608 United States