Since my presence has not been manifested in your eyes, let me introduce the spice of a poets heart..I write in means to share and gain the experience of my poetic work. I’m currently incarcerated due to a system that stole my innocence with no mercy nor evidence, so I’m in a battle to obtain what was once mine. However, amid my absence to society, I believe affection can be found in a hopeless place, such as my cell. I don’t utilize my art on spreading ideas of a deteriorated heart; I try to help most understand that some of us still cherish emotions too…

But me, I’m as cool as a winters night and as bright as the sun, mentally and physically, but I’m no Einstein lol. At the moment my pen is my best friend, it helps me through dark days and to clear my mind on cloudy days. Hopefully together we tug at the curiosities and hearts, adding a new friend to our world. Let us define truth in loyalty and true companionship; so stay present as I pray for the best and endure the worst.. The Heartfelt Poet

David C. Robinson Jr. #1716864

810 F.M. 2821

Huntsville, TX 77349