Being lazy is not an idle endeavor. Commitment is mandatory. Effort and firm intent toward achieving this desirous goal demands a willing ness to forego distractions such as ambition and fortitude. It is imperative that strenuous labor, actual work or exercise be avoided, altogether if possible, or held to an absolute bare minimum.  Failure to be vigilant regarding flagrant physical energy expenditures can be fatal to the day’s desired laziness levels.

All the while, rest and smile, sleep and then, rest again.

Daily meditation cannot be compromised as it is a vital contributing factor toward total relaxation. The focused intent of proper breathing techniques is critical in achieving a deeply relaxed state of muscular flaccidness. Yoga proves beneficial provided it is not overly strenuous and is accompanied by soothing chants or soft melodic music. Hot showers, baths, or soaking in the afternoons can help prevent sudden bursts of enthusiasm, which could lead to radical energy expenditures. Self-massage around supper time helps prepare for the nightly bustle of readying the bedroom and yourself for a proper ten hour sleep.

All the while, rest and smile, sleep and then, rest again.

Mental fatigue from excess positive concentration can be alleviated by a few hours of watching TV, which is a virtual numbing of the synapses, guaranteed to render mental capacity at the lowest possible level. A day of sitcoms may very well leave the viewer in a vegetative state, ideally receptive for total laziness.

Frequent power naps are essential, use as needed, anytime.

If sufficient dedication toward sleep, meditation, naps and energy level reduction has been maintained from waking in the morning until bedtime, proper laziness can be achieved.

Being lazy is an attainable goal, if you really work at it.