Bradley Wayne / Psychiatric Impatient Program


I am a skateboarder

I shake my butt to rap music

My positive outlet is writing letters to anyone, even the CA Governor or U.S. President!

Prison made my mental health worst!

I am on and, feel free to drop my crazy ass a line.

I have problems keeping friends, but if you become my buddy, I would risk my life for you and yours, my life means nothing when I think about you.

I listen to melodic death mental, and horror-rap, but I love mariachi music, and oriental music, world music is so sad.

Hope to hear from you! Like my cheesy smile?


Love & Respect

Bradley Wayne Quinby Akka “SEAGULL”

Bradley Wayne Quinby AV0665
Psychiatric Impatient Program
Salinas Valley State Prison
31625 Hwy 101, Box 1050, C64 #102, Soledad, CA 93960