16 year old sentenced to an unconstitutional 241 years sentence while adult co-defendant gets 30 years
I am writing this letter to bring attention to an injustice that was done to a 16 year old juvenile in a Missouri courtroom. I need your assistance in bringing attention and awareness to this case. Bobby Bostic was 16 years old in 1995, when he and an older man committed the robbery of two people who were in a crowd of five people and committed another robbery of a single individual thirty minutes later a few blocks away. No one was seriously injured in these crimes.
I am Bobby Bostic and I was sentenced to die in prison for the above crimes. The judge pronounced this at my sentencing hearing when she said: “Bobby Bostic, you will die in the department of corrections. You do not go to see the parole board until 2201, nobody in this courtroom will be alive in the year 2201”. I have been in prison for 24 years now and I have rehabilitated myself. I completed several college courses from Missouri State University, Adams State University, and Blackstone Career Institute. I have completed over thirty rehabilitation classes and programs. In addition to this, I have written five non-fiction books and eight poetry books. I also have blueprints for several nonprofit organizations for troubled teens and a charity that I will establish soon. Furthermore, I have many more goals that I am currently pursuing. I have an Associate of Science Degree.
In 2010, in the case of Graham V. Florida, the United States Supreme Court held that the Eighth Amendment forbids states from sentencing juveniles to life without parole sentences for crimes excluding murder. My sentence of 241 years is a life without parole sentence, yet the state of Missouri has not re-sentenced me. In 2012, the United States Supreme Court held in the case Miller v. Alabama, that the Eighth Amendment forbids states from giving juveniles mandatory life without parole for homicide convictions. Still, I remain serving an unconstitutional life without parole sentence although no one was hurt in my crimes and I was only a child when this happened. My adult co-defendant was given 30 years and would have been released from prison by now but unfortunately he passed away in prison on September 24, 2018 when he was only 40 years old. I was given 211 more years for the same crime. This is one of the greatest injustices in sentencing in modern times. The judge said that she was making an example out of me because I did not take a plea bargain wherein there was no limit to how much time she could have given me. This was wrong and my sentence has to be corrected. I am totally remorseful for my crimes and have written the victims letters of apology. I deserve a second chance in this case. Even retired Judge Evelyn Baker who sentenced me said Bobby Bostic’s sentence is “unfair, unjust, and… unconstitutional.” Just google “Bobby Bostic and Judge Baker” to see her side of the story.
In 2016, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in the case of Montgomery v. Louisiana that the Miller decision is retroactive to all persons like me serving unconstitutional sentences.
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You can read about Bobby at: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bobby_Bostic or just google his name.
Thank you in advance for any assistance you can provide and mail me if you can at the address below:
Bobby Bostic #526795 Jefferson City Correctional Center 8200 No More Victims Road Jefferson City, MO 65101