Author: Taveuan Williams


I wanted to let everyone to know that I have moved and now I give and now I give you my new address. I moved from the beggar’s alley, located in poverty lane at the corner of bleak and busted circle. As of today, I have a...

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Complicated Situation

I ask myself quietly but inwardly, can I make possible an impossibility? My dreams dangerously flirting into your desires copulating into a physical reality. To believe that love cannot be born out of a lustful passion to me is...

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I’m Drowning

So eager, so hungry to love and to be a part of the world I cannot see. Sometimes I feel like I’m drowning, drowning from not being that unique thing that God created me to be! So many days spent daydreaming about living inside...

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I must say that who and what you are and became has far more to do with what you’re doing where you are than where you’re from. Not many out there understand the amount of personal growth that can occur within these walls. Not...

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