Author: David C. Robinson

Existing Beauty

Existing BeautyBy David C. RobinsonDevotion is sustained and deep like the water in the sea.The wind cascades along the lands…As flowers blossom and dance for all of us to see.Purposely skies are clear, becoming pure of no...

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I guess I was destine for this… The scenery with a breeze…. The blessings I’ve received…. And the people that have deceived. It’s a test we have to take, a decision we must make…. Of life’s circumstances, individuals and...

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Last Thoughts

A hindered strength condemned to its ability shelters from the dusk and dawn of reality. Lost within its imprisonment, familiar with the mentality of chained entities. Mirroring the reflection of my dearest ancestors abandoned...

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My Pen’s Keeper

I’m none other than the follower of my God gifted pen. It helps me exile my abandoned thoughts and desires, for you to reach and rescue me from this tempest of lost tears and intense days of an endured journey. My pen encourages...

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