I’m passionate about writing. Sayings and Poems, but writing songs is what comes easiest to me. I’m 30 years old, been locked up since 19th birthday (eleven years).
I’m incarcerated for felony murder. Meaning I didn’t have to be the killer, if I’m guilty for a felony where someone was killed. It makes me guilty of murder.
California abolished felony murder because the scope of this charge is too bread… They released 800 inmates. I’m hoping Arizona follows California and abolishes felony murder.
I passed a polygraph showing I wasn’t the shooter and my phone showed I was at home and not at the robbery, so how is it that I got 25 to life and my co-defendant got 3 and a half and the other 2 suspects were never charged. I’m hoping things change and I make it, hope to follow my dream and writing music and making beats.
I’d love to hear and write new people. I’m very easy to get along with. I don’t belong in here and hope to be home soon. I’d love to hear from you. I’m 5.7, 180 pounds. Light skinned, Mexican, single and have
one daughter. A beautiful little girl. I have green eyes, brown hair and a lot of tattoos.

Angel Perez #252806 A.S.P.C. – Lewis Unit Barchery / 4D – 14 P.O. Box 3200 Buckeye, AZ, 85326