About Designed Conviction the Magazine

We are a platform for the incarcerated, as well as ex-felons to put their artistry in all forms out there.

Art changes Lives!

We are here to share the stories of change and show communities what is possible when you put your mind to work.

Making a difference

We give opportunities to those who don’t have them, and promote the positive work of felons and ex-felons



Happy Couple, Designed Conviction

Taylor and Cecilia Conley, Founders of Designed Conviction

Designed Conviction the Magazine is filled with profiles of writers/artists and through all channels is working to promote the positive works of these incarcerated individuals

Taylor Conley, founder of Designed Conviction if serving life without parole since the age of 20. As a wrongly convicted man he is still fighting for his freedom.

Art changes lives, Taylor is an extraordinary example of that. It is his drive to change lives and make a difference in this world that started this dream that we call Designed Conviction.

Our Mission

Designed Conviction is a platform to unlock the potential of incarcerated individuals as well as those that have been released

Our Vision

To create a community of support and people who are interested in helping to make this possible.

Letter from the editor

If you are coming across this for the first time, this platform that provides an outlet to create and showcase positive works.

Art Contest

Think you got what it takes to stand out from the crowd?

Ever feel like your talents need to be sho…

Letter From Editor

Hello, and welcome to friends and family. I can hardly believe it myself, that we’ve been around for two years. This last year hasn’t been easy for anyone. Many have experienced tragedy and our hearts go out to you. All the conditions of life may be harsh and filled...

Letter From The Editor

Welcome back friends and family. We’re on a mission to get this platform out there as far and wide as possible. The journey is never ending, but anything that is easy, surely won’t last.  I want to invite you to contribute, to share your thoughts and insights and...

Interview With Davey Crockett

The purpose of this blog is to highlight the stories of individuals who are not able to participate in telephone interviews, due to strict rules set by the DOC. Designed Conviction is committed to sharing and promoting stories about individuals who are making positive...

Professional Creative Services

Our goal to give incarcerated and formerly incarcerated individuals a voice, to remove stigmas, and to empower the members of society while also helping small businesses and entrepreneurs thrive.

“Life of A Lifer” podcast

It is a show that gives the incarcerated a chance to show the world what they are doing with their lives. A chance to prove that they have rehabilitated and deserve another shot in life. 

designed Conviction Youtube Channel

Let’s talk about incarceration in the US! #prisonreform is overdue. That is why we are bringing a new perspective on the subject!

Wife of a Lifer - Blog of an Advocate

This blog is more than a blog of a woman married to a man serving life, this blog is about my fight to bring real justice and redemption to the disenfranchised. 

Get in Touch. Get Involved.

We are turning a negative into a positive and working to build more success stories. Make a difference, join us.

Wife of a Lifer

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